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The Shorncliffe Military Lectures:
Restarting an old military tradition

One of the most famous regiments in the British Army is the 95th Foot, the Rifles.

Under Sir John Moore in 1802 the regiment began a training regime using new light-infantry tactics that would revolutionise the way the British army fought.

The inventiveness and forward thinking of training at Shorncliffe were boosted in 1803 by military lectures given by Colonel Coote Manningham.

Now the lectures are being restarted by The Shorncliffe Military Trust in a bid to raise funds to finance its vision for Shorncliffe.

Those aims include "the preservation and conservation and development and improvement of features of historic interest at Shorncliffe with public amenities and the preservation of a site of historic interest. And to educate the public in the history of the military and the social impact of military history by the provision and maintenance of a museum."

The new lecture series is being held in the centre of Shorncliffe Garrison close to where they began.

Guest speakers Professor Charles Esdaile, General Sir Nick Parker and Andrew Morgan will continue the theme of the originals over 200 years ago, echoing the inventiveness and forward thinking of the period.

Professor Esdaile is a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, a leading Napoleonic historian, author and founding member of the Peninsular War 200. He will be speaking on: Sir John Moore, Some Thoughts on a Complicated Hero.

General Sir Nick Parker is an ex-Colonel Commandant of The Rifles and Deputy Commander of the ISAF in Afghanistan. He will speak on: The Characteristics of the 21st Century Rifleman.

Andrew Morgan is a historian and historical interpreter and is a specialist tour guide for WWI and WWII. He is also a consultant to the media and military museums. He will speak on: Shorncliffe - The Shared British and Belgian Experience of WWI.

All proceeds from this event will go towards the work of the Shorncliffe Trust.

The lectures are on Saturday November 15, 2014 at the Tower Theatre, North Rd, Folkestone.

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