25 May, 1811

Spanish Battle Tour Guides

This cavalry battle occurred as Marshal Soult retreated away from the bloody battlefield of Albuera.

Wishing to prevent his army from being surprised by pursuing British cavalry, Soult sent out a large force of his own horsemen under General Latour-Maubourg to screen his withdrawal.

Having swept away some Spanish cavalry, Latour-Maubourg found his 3000 troopers up against some 2200 British dragoons under General Sir William Lumley.

The French commander, however, did not know the strength of the British due to excellent use of the terrain by Lumley and advanced his main force through Usagre in column.

To put pressure on the British he sent a second force out on to the flanks to make the enemy withdraw. In effect, this only weakened his strength and Lumley was able to defeat the French in detail.

Lumley suffered some 30 casualties, while Latour-Maubourg almost 350 men killed, wounded or captured.



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