Ancient Warriors: volume 1

Discovery Channel
210 minutes
Format: Video PAL (AUD$39.95), DVD Region 4.

Volume I

The Assyrians: Masters of War
The Assyrians were the first people to employ a standing army, using recruits from conquered nations to put 200,000 men in the field. The Assyrians' best-known development was their use of two-wheeled chariots and cavalry.

The Celts
The Celts were one of the most important civilisations of Europe and at their zenith had conquered Central Europe, France, Spain and the British Isles. The source of their military success lay in their use of finely made iron weaponry, especially their swords and helmets, and their skilled chariot tactics.

The Normans
Descendants of the Vikings, the Normans were one of the most successful warrior groups of the Middle Ages, conquering the French coast and England.

Legions of Rome
The story of Rome's rise to a world empire is one of the most fascinating in history and it was the training, discipline and manoeuvrability of the legion that brought the Romans victory.

The Macedonians
Philip of Macedonia created one of the most effective and successful armies of antiquity based on the phalanx, a compact body of infantry armed with long spikes. His even more illustrious son, Alexander the Great, defeated and conquered the great Persian Empire.

Soldiers of the Pharaoh
Enormous preparation and financial expenditure went towards creating a fighting force for Ramses II that could protect and expand Egyptian territories in Palestine and Syria, especially against the threats of the Hittites.

The Spartans
The Spartans were the most effective warriors of the Greek civilisations due to their rigorous training and the austerity of the Spartan culture.


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