The Man, the Myth, the Legend


The Early Years

Napoleon first came to prominence when he dislodged the British from Toulon and the ruthless crushing of a Royalist uprising in Paris.

This episode also looks at his childhood and activities in Corsica, his school years, early military studies and the men who supported Napoleon's rise through the ranks.

The Early Campaigns

Napoleon built his reputation on the brilliant successes he achieved in northern Italy and then set his sights on Egypt.

This episode details the 1796 campaign and Napoleon's growing confidence and popularity.

His next task was to invade England.

The Imperial Zenith

Having defeated the Austrians, the Prussians and the Russians, Napoleon was master of Continental Europe.

This episode looks at Napoleon ruling France and the reforms he brought to that nation's social structure.

Then it focuses on the Austerlitz Campaign and the wars in Poland.

The Spanish Ulcer

Napoleon likened the savage conflict of the Peninsular War to an ulcer that bled his dreams of Europe into the dust.

This episode explains why he went into the Peninsula and how his initial successes were for nothing as the Duke of Wellington outperformed his bickering marshals. It also tells how the campaign fatally weakened his armies.

Disaster in Russia

Napoleon's infamous decision to invade Russia marked the decisive turning point of his career.

This episode focuses on the lead-up to the 1812 invasion, the preparations, the campaign and why the Grande Armee was destroyed in the snows of Russia.



Waterloo - The Final Curtain

Returning for a final grab at power, Napoleon was utterly crushed in the Waterloo campaign and was sent as a prisoner of war to the mid-Atlantic island of St Helena. This episode is an excellent explanation of Napoleon's return from exile, why the Allies reacted as they did and how the 100 Days Campaign unfolded.

The battle of Waterloo description itself is surprisingly brief.


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