Fields of Armour: vol 1

The history of armoured warfare is a history of tactics, technology and human genius. Relive the great tank battles from World War I through to today's cyber wars.

The Discovery Channel
180 minutes

The Devil's Coaches
Industrial might and technological revolutions brought new kinds of weapons to the battlefield. The machine gun, the aeroplane and the tank. This episode looks at the birth of the tank and its role in trying to breakthrough massive defensive lines.

The Debacle
From 1919-1939 military thought was mulling over the disasters of WWI and trying to deal with a similar strategy. Germany was the leading nation in developing tank tactics and in 1940 it released its panzers upon Europe. France fell in a month.

The Gentlemen's War
The Western Desert of North Africa was the perfect place for tank commanders and the Desert Fox, General Rommel, proved time and again that his German forces were more than a match for anyone.

Hammer into Anvil
The battle of Kursk was the turning point in World War II and saw the largest clash of tanks ever seen.

Nightmare in Normandy
In Normandy the terrain did not suit tanks and every hedge or building could contain infantry with the equipment to send them to a fiery death. This is a tale of the tankman's private war.

Bulge - Wave of Terror
Hitler's massive counterattack through the Ardennes threw the confident Allies into utter confusion and meant the advantage, temporarily, swung back in Germany's favour.

Volume II
Cold War - War of Nerves.
The October War.
Vietnam - Into the Killing Zone.
Afghanistan - The Bear Trap.
The Quick and the Dead.





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