Fields of Armour: vol 2

The history of armoured warfare is a history of tactics, technology and human genius. Relive the great tank battles from World War I through to today's cyber wars.

The Discovery Channel
180 minutes

Cold War - War of Nerves
The idealogical battle between East and West in Korea surprised many 'experts'. They had predicted another war would involved rockets and missiles. In the Korean War it remained a battle of tanks and infantry.

The October War
Few thought
Egyptian troops possible of such skill and audacity, but on 6 October 1973 they broke through the formidable Israeli Suez Canal defences and began a campaign that would result in one of the most ferocious armoured battles in history.

Vietnam - Into the Killing Zone
Despite being technologically superior the US armed forces found that the tactics and strategy of the Vietnamese
army made it the US's most difficult foe yet.

Afghanistan - The Bear Trap
Again a nation of technological superiority found itself humbled on the battlefield by a determined enemy. The eventual Red Army defeat was a major cause in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Quick and the Dead
The Gulf War in 1991 was the greatest clash of armoured forces since World War II. Despite the role of airpower in defeating Iraq the ground forces still had to fight a war the conventional way.

This episode examines the use of a classic battle from the Gulf War - 73 Easting - and how it has been turned into a war simulation that is as real to troops as actual combat.

Volume I
The Devil's Coaches.
The Debacle
The Gentlemen's War.
Hammer into Anvil.
Nightmare in Normandy.
Bulge - Wave of Terror.

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