Ancient Warriors: volume 2

Discovery Channel
210 minutes
Format: Video PAL (AUD$39.95), DVD Region 4.

Volume II

Originally captured Christian slaves, the Janissaries became some of the most feared troops of the Muslim world.

The hordes that swept across Europe were more than just wild tribesmen - they were a highly trained and disciplined army of conquerors.

Knights Templar
These Christian warrior-monks were sworn to a life of poverty and chastity - as well as one of ridding the Holy Land of all Muslims.

Just the name was enough to strike fear into the hearts of Europeans and the wide-ranging trail of these fierce pagan raiders was littered with cruel violence.

The clans of the Scottish highlands were hardy people and the men fought hard to maintain their independence from all comers.

Irish Warriors of the Emerald Isle
The ancient Irish were part of a highly sophisticated society that bred musicians, farmers, druids and brave warriors.

Maurya Warriors of the Elephant
The Mauryan army of India would have been a heart-stopping sight for enemies as it numbered more than 600,000 men, 30,000 cavalry and 9000 elephants.


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