Arroyo dos Molinos

28 October, 1811

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Sent out on an aggressive mission to destroy a 4000-man force under General Jean-Baptiste Girard, Sir Rowland Hill caught up with his target at Arroyo dos Molinos.

Attacking in the early hours of the morning and covered by a howling storm, Hill's 10,000 men were upon the French before they really knew what was happening.

Blocking every road out of the town, Hill then launched an assault straight into the middle of Girard's men.

Covered by cavalry, the French attempted to escape along each of the enemy-held roads and were turned back every time.

When Hill let loose his entire force in a charge the French broke and fled - some of them up to 35 kilometres away - and left behind 300 dead and some 1300 prisoners.

Hill's toll was 71 casualties, with seven men killed.

General Girard suffered the wrath of his emperor and was in disgrace before being forgiven in time for the invasion of Russia in 1812.


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