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By Richard Moore

Are you a better military leader than Napoleon Bonaparte? Can you match the Duke of Wellington as a general? Or can you be a better admiral than Pierre-Charles Villeneuve or, more importantly, Horatio Nelson?

The only way to truly test yourself is by taking on opponents in battle - whether it be on a computer screen or across the dining room table.

On the electronic battlefield you pit yourself against a computer's artificial intelligence and there are a host of really good PC strategy games for Napoleonic fans.

Take on military campaigns and battles that defeated the mighty Napoleon - such as the invasion of Russia or the final disastrous battle of Waterloo.

Boardgamers can test themselves and their friends with Napoleon in Europe and now a new-release game from Kelvin Robertson The Battle of Trafalgar.

The Napoleonic Guide reviews Napoleonic-related wargames that offer gamers a wonderful array of strategic and tactical challenges - including Austerlitz, Eckmuhl, Wagram, Waterloo, Leipzig and many more.

There are plenty of exciting games in production - such as Cossacks 2 and Empires in Arms - so don't forget to keep checking back for the latest updates.


The Battle of Trafalgar
Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars (CDV Software)
Review: Campaign Wagram (HPS Simulations)
Review: Campaign Eckmuhl (HPS Simulations)
Preview: Empires in Arms
Boardgame: Napoleon in Europe (Eagle Games)
Computer Game Reviews
Campaigns of La Grande Armee: 1805/1809 (Adanac Command Studies)
Campaigns of La Grande Armee: 1806 (Adanac Command Studies)
Napoleon's Russian Campaign (HPS Simulations)
Europa Universalis 2 (Strategy First)
Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle (Breakaway Games)
Waterloo (Talonsoft)
Napoleon In Russia (Talonsoft)
Prelude To Waterloo (Talonsoft)
Wargamer: Napoleon 1813 (Empire)
Wooden Ships, Iron Men (Avalon Hill)
Cossacks: European Wars (CDV Software)
Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory


Napoleon in Russia Project

An excellent resource site for getting new designer scenarios to add many different battles to the Talonsoft Napoleonic series.

For Reviews

Horse and Musket

Military Gamer Online


Napoleonic Game Developers

Eagle Software
Decision Games
Horse and Musket
Breakaway Games
Napoleon Games
The Compleat Strategist
Clash of Arms
Mac Wargames by Design Inc.
Eagle Games


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