Uniform images & facings



Fusileers, in 1798 uniforms.
Fusileers, in 1813.
Jager, in 1800.


Grenadier, Coldstream Guards, 1812.
Grenadier, 1st Foot Guards, 1812.
Grenadier, 3rd Foot Guards, 1812.
Grenadier Officer, 1st Foot Guards, 1812.
Officer, 95th Rifles, 1812.
Soldiers, 42nd and 92nd Highlanders.
Officer, 25th Foot, King's Own Borderers.
Light Infantryman, 29th Foot, Worcesters, 1812.
Grenadier, 29th Foot, Worcesters, 1812.
Officer, 9th Foot, East Norfolk, 1812.
Colour Sergeant, 9th Foot, East Norfolk, 1812.
Sergeant of the Foot Guards, 1812.
Private of the Foot Guards, 1812.
A Drum Major, Pioneer, Drummer, in 1812.


Cuirassier, in 1812.
Grenadier, in 1812.
Grenadier of the Guard.
Hussar, in 1810.
Infantryman, in 1796.
Line Grenadiers, in 1800.
Line Infantry, in 1812.
Voltigeur Cornet.
Young Guard.


20 Colour plates of Russian Infantry NEW
33 Colour plates of Russian Cavalry
Grenadier Sergeant and Officer, in 1799.
Grenadier, in 1808.
Grenadier Officer and Sergeant, in 1812.
Cuirassiers in 1812.
Cuirassier, in 1808.
Cossacks, circa 1812.


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