Re-Enactment Groups

The excitement and colour of the Napoleonic Wars can only be truly witnessed via re-enactments put on by the devoted members of various groups. Here is a list of many re-enactment groups around the world.

Let us know of others, or
your group's re-enactment
news and events.

But do not approach us for a link until you have put one to The Napoleonic Guide on your own site!


2eme bataillon des Volontaires de Paris: Pictures and details from Russia.
Tolentino Reenactors: Pictures and information.
Royal Saxon Army: Pictures and information.
68th Durham Light Infantry: Pictures and information.
8th Demi-Brigade de Ligne Belgium Waterloo: Pictures and information.


93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment

Brigade Napoleon
Cavalerie Francaise
The Michigan Fencibles

1812 US Marine Brigade
The Fort McHenry Guard
The Fort Norfolk 1812 Garrison
1st Regiment US Infantry

3eme Cuirassiers
4th Regiment US Infantry
5th Maryland Regiment Volunteer Infantry
7th Regiment US Infantry
7th Regiment US Infantry Co. A
17th Regiment US Infantry
25th Regiment US Infantry
27th Regiment US Infantry
Forsyth's Rifle Regiment and 1st Regiment US Light Artillery
Steele's Rifles
Marine Detachment 1812, USS Constitution.
Ship's Company (Chesapeake Bay)
95th (Rifles) Regiment of Foot, 3rd Battalion
6th (1st Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot
Guardia Reale Italiana
95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot 3nd bt
10th Royal Veterans Battalion (1812 - 1815)
7e Regiment de Hussards
21e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, 3e Compagnie
Regiment Irlandais
Upper Mississippi Brigade
Moses Hazens' Co. of Rogers' Rangers


La Belle Alliance (Brisbane)
21ème Regiment de Ligne
30ème Règiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
42nd Royal Highland Regiment
40th Regiment of Foot
73rd Regiment of Foot

95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot
95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot 1st bt 2nd. coy
95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot 2nd bt


20th Line Infantry Regiment Kaunitz-Rittberg
Forum Aspern 1809.
KVH Gardekorps


8th Demi-Brigade de Ligne Belgium Waterloo
7th Dutch Batallion Infantry of the Line (7e Bataljon Infanterie van Linie)
2me Regiment de Dragons


1er Chevau-Legers Lanciers
1ere Batt Artillerie a Pied de la Garde Imperiale
3eme Regiment Grenadier a Pied, Garde Imperiale 1815
68th Durham Light Infantry
La Garde Imperiale
The Black Brunswickers, 1806
The Black Watch
The Connaught Rangers
18th Light Dragoons (Hussars) - 4th Troop
9th East Norfolk Regiment
The East Norfolks, 9th Foot, 1810
23rd Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers
23rd Foot Welsh Fusiliers
42nd Royal Highland Regiment
42nd Royal Highland Regiment
44th Regiment (East Essex)
50th (West Kent) Regiment of Foot, Drum Corps
71st Highland Light Infantry
73rd Regiment of Foot
88th Connaught Rangers (The Devil's Own).
89th Light Infantry
The British Napoleonic Royal Artillery
Historical Maritime Society
The Historical Maritime Society
Royal Marines 1st Co 2nd Bat
Royal Welch Fusileers, 23rd Foot
UK Kings German Legion
1er Regiment de Chasseurs a Cheval/18th Light Dragoons (Hussars)
30eme de Ligne
The 2nd (Queen's) Regiment of Foot
21e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, 1er Compagnie
1. Regiment De Chasseurs A Cheval De La Ligne, 2me Companie


His Majesty's Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry 1803-1816
Dolsen's Rifles, 5 Co. 1st Regiment Kent Militia
The Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
Royal Newfoundland Regiment
the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs
Prairie du Chien Militia Artillery Unit
The Scout Brigade of Fort George
Hamilton Ships Company of 1812 (Chesapeake Bay)
1st Regiment of Foot, The Royal Scots
6th (1st Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot
8th King's Regiment of Foot
41st Regiment of Foot
10th Royal Veterans Battalion (1812 - 1815)
7e Regiment de Hussards


I and R Infantry Regiment No.20


Det Søndenfieldske Frivillige Musqueteer Corps (Nor)
Nordenfieldske Grenader Compagnie (Nor)
Elverumske Skieløber Compagnie (Nor)
Det Holtaalske Skieløber Compagnie (Nor)
Øster Riisør III, gunboat (Nor)
Danish-Norwegian ski troops, 1807-1814
Northfield Grenadiers (Nordenfieldske Grenader Compagnie)


5 Regiment de Cuirassiers
7e Regiment de Hussards
14e Regiment de Cuirassiers
18ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - Ier Bataillon
21e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, 1er Compagnie
2me Regiment des Conscrits-Chasseurs a pied de la Garde Imperiale
Corps d'Artillerie Francaise
Dijon Napoleonic Marching Band


Corps de Juliers
Royal Saxon Army of 1810-15 (in German)
Chasseurs a Pied de la Garde Imperiale
Official Kings German Legion Re-enactment Society

Marins de la Garde Imperiale
Freiwillige Preussische Jäger
Leibinfanterieregiment Nr.8
Preußisches Leib-Infanterie-Regiment
1.Koenigliche Preussische Gardeartillerie zu Fuss
Brandenburg-Schwedt Dragonerregiment
Landwehr Mölßen, 3. Ostpreußischen Landwehr Infanterie Regiment
6pfündige Fußbatterie Nr.3

Schlesische Landwehr
5. Westfälisches Landwehr Infanterie Regiment
Das Großherzoglich Hessische Artilleriekorps

Kings German Legion


27th Battalion Jagers
Dutch Guides 1813,
27th Jagercompany 1813,
2nd bat. of line voltigeurs 1806

7th Line
7th batallion infantry of the line
2. Regiment Dutch Carabiners
92nd Gordons Highlanders
The 14th Cuirassiers and 2nd Dutch Belgian Carbineers
Atkins, Dutch artillerie 1815
De Schutterij van Hertogenbosch 1813-1907

The Salon/The Shooters (Het Salet/De Schutterij)
21e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, 1er Compagnie
63e Equipage de Haut-Bord


Northern Italian pioneers in Austrian Service
The Tolentino 1815 Association
K.K.L.J.R. no 44, Imperial-King Regiment of Line Infantry no 44
42nd Royal Highland Regiment
9eme Demi-Brigade d'Infanterie Legere


4eme Hussard & 46eme de Ligne (In Russian)
2e bataillon des Volontaires de Paris (1791-95)
Preobrazhensky Life Guard Regiment
Jäger Life Guard Regiment
2me Regiment des Conscrits-Chasseurs a pied de la Garde Imperiale
Preobrazhensky Life Guard regiment
46ème Règiment d'Infanterie de Ligne


Oravais Historiska Förening (Swed-Fin)
King's Ostrobothnian Regiment, 1808-1809
Kungl. Wermlands Fältjägare (Swed)


3eme Regiment Suisse 1806
The Swiss DeMeuron Regiment



The Highland Brigade (Reproductions)








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