The Campaigns of Napoleon

During his long career Napoleon Bonaparte conquered most of Europe and became such a feared soldier that his opponents in Britain, Russia, Austria and Prussia had him declared 'an enemy of humanity'. This section on his military campaigns covers the important details and battles of the wars that led to Napoleon Bonaparte becoming the greatest leader of armies in history.

First Coalition
1792 to 1797
Egypt Adventure
1798 to 1801

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Campaign of the First Coalition, 1792 to 1797

Almost all of Europe united against the revolutionary government in France and sent major armies to destroy the fledgling nation. Read how France's mass armies were tested in battles such as Valmy, Jemappes and Napoleon's superb performance at Toulon, which catapulted him towards power.

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Napoleon's Egyptian Adventure, 1798 to 1801

Napoleon Bonaparte launched an invasion on Egypt to attack British interests in India. He was marooned when Admiral Nelson destroyed his fleet at the battle of the Nile. Read about the battles, the soldiers, look at maps and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

Second Coalition
1798 to 1801

Third Coalition

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Campaign of the Second Coalition, 1798 to 1801

The campaigns against the Second Coalition included Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, major clashes in North Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Descriptions of the battles of the Pyramids, Marengo and Hohenlinden, plus images and much more.

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Campaign of the Third Coalition, 1805.

One of the most brilliant military campaigns in history saw Napoleon Bonaparte out-think and out-fight the armies of the Third Coalition. The surrender of Ulm and the crushing victory at Austerlitz over Russia and Austria are included.

Fourth Coalition
1806 to 1807
Fifth Coalition

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Campaign of the Fourth Coalition, 1806 to 1807

In 1806 Napoleon attacked a threatening Prussia and in a lightning campaign destroyed his enemy's armies at Jena and Auerstadt. Included are descriptions of the follow-up battle for Poland and the nightmarish battle in the snow at Eylau.

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Campaign of the Fifth Coalition, 1809

Taking advantage of France's preoccupation with the Peninsula, the Austrians launched a surprise attack. Read about how Napoleon recovered and the 1809 Campaign on the Danube. Included are the battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram, together with battle maps and much more.

The Peninsular War
1808 to1814
The Russian Campaign

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Campaign of the Peninsular War, 1808 to 1814

Known as the Spanish Ulcer, the Peninsular War bleed Napoleon of some of his finest troops. Read about the bloody fights with the Duke of Wellington's British army, including Talavera, Rolica, Vimiero and Salamanca, see the brutality of guerrilla warfare through the images of Goya.

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Campaign in Russia, 1812

One of Napoleon Bonaparte's biggest blunders was to invade Russia. The march on Moscow, the battle of Borodino and key clashes, eyewitness accounts of the horrors of the disastrous retreat and the death of the French army.

Liberation of Germany
France Invaded

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Liberation of Germany, 1813

Weakened by the disastrous losses in Russia, Napoleon Bonaparte was on the back foot when the Allied powers struck into Germany. Read about the action at Dresden and the battle of nations at Leipzig.

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France Invaded, 1814

The 1814 invasion of Napoleon's France by the avenging allies saw Bonaparte back to his brilliant best. Outnumbered and encircled he almost saved his throne with battle victory after victory.

The 100 Days
The War of 1812

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The 100 Days or Waterloo Campaign, 1815

The 100 Days or Waterloo Campaign decided the fate of modern Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte launched a desperate strike at the closing Allies and after four battles in three days was defeated at Waterloo by the British master general the Duke of Wellington.

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The War of 1812

The War of 1812 was a sideshow compared with other major Napoleonic campaigns, but it decided the independence of Canada from the United States. Read about the various battles, including the bloody battle of New Orleans and the burning of Washington, look at maps and images and much more.

The West Indies
1793 to 1810
The Naval War
1792 to 1815

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Campaigns for the West Indies, 1793 to 1810

The battles for the rich West Indies islands were lengthy and costly in casualties. Read about the slave revolt of San Domingo, Toussaint l'Ouverture and much more.

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The Naval War, 1792 to 1815

Details of the naval struggle during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Naval balance, ships, crews, battles, leading sailors, Trafalgar and much more.


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