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The art of table-top warfare is an enduring pastime that appeals to Napoleonic fans of all ages. They devote a lot of energy, time and passion to miniatures wargaming.

The thrill of victory is undeniable - as what can compare with beating Wellington at Quatre Bras, or forcing major victories at Aspern-Essling, Borodino or the French winning a rematch at Waterloo?

In these pages The Napoleonic Guide looks at the various aspects of miniatures wargaming from how to start, to rules, figures, painting, scenery and terrain, wargaming societies and flags.

Rules Painting
There are a host of rules systems for miniatures wargaming available. They vary in complexity and gameplay and will depend upon what sort of wargaming you want to do. How do the professionals go about painting their model soldiers? Here are tips from an expert painter on how to do-it-yourself and get the best out of your miniatures army.

Napoleonic Rules information
General de Brigade Rules Review

Painting Suggestions and Tips
Terrain & Accessories Figures & Models
Once you've got your army organised you may want to add to the atmosphere of Napoleonic wargaming by adding in terrain and buildings for your soldiers to use as a battleground. One of the first questions you need to ask is what sized figures you want. Next you need to work what figures are the best to get. Here are some choices and opinions.
Terrain and accessories

Figures and models information
Basics Wargame Groups
Where do you start if you want to try your hand at wargaming with miniatures? We give you some ideas on how to go about your career as a general of toy soldiers. Okay you've got your army ready and want to test your skills out against a live opponent? Your best bet is to locate your nearest wargames club and head along to their gatherings.
What you need for wargaming

Wargaming groups
Dioramas Uniforms
If you don't want to wargame with your miniatures you may just want to set up a diorama. Here is an example of what can happen when a dad and two boys get down to some serious work. Before you begin to paint your miniature soldiers you need to do a bit of research. The Napoleonic Guide can assist with uniform images and the facing colours for Napoleonic armies.
Check out a Waterloo diorama

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