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Napoleon Bonaparte

His Career His Maxims His Will
His Quotes His Love Letters Farewell to the Old Guard
Letter to Admiral Bruey's Widow The Legion of Honour 12 Portraits
Hunt for His Dog's Name Plots to Kill Bonaparte Napoleon not murdered, say scientists
His Opponents
Francis I Archduke Charles George III
Frederick Wilhelm III Gebhard von Blucher Alexander I
Mikhail Kutusov Murad Bey Ibrahim Bey
Tsar Paul I The Duke of Wellington Toussaint L'Ouverture
William Pitt
His Marshals
Pierre Augereau Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte Louis Berthier
Jean-Baptiste Bessieres Guillaume Brune Louis Davout
Gouvion St Cyr Emmanuel Grouchy Jean-Baptiste Jourdan
Francois Kellerman Jean Lannes Francois Lefebvre
Jacques MacDonald Auguste Marmont Andre Massena
Bon Adrien Moncey Eduoard Mortier Joachim Murat
Michel Ney Nicolas Oudinot Dominique Perignon
Josef Poniatowski Jean-Mathieu Serurier Nicolas Soult
Louis-Gabriel Suchet Claude Victor Ratings for each Marshal
His Loves

Josephine Beauharnais

Marie Louise of Austria Marie Waleska
Desiree Clary Pauline Foures
Giuseppina Grassini
Mademoiselle Georges His Love Letters
The Era of Napoleon
Coalitions New Calendar Disasters of War
The Directory The 500 The Consulate
Bonaparte's Army The Ancients Chess Sets
Confederation of the Rhine Battlefield Guides Waterloo Diorama
His Family
Carlo Bonaparte Caroline Bonaparte Elisa Bonaparte
Jerome Bonaparte Joseph Bonaparte Letizia Bonaparte
Louis Bonaparte Lucien Bonaparte Pauline Bonaparte
Eugene Beauharnais
Napoleonic Links Miniatures Battlefield Tours
Militaria Movies Key Images
New Calendar The Guillotine The Revolution
Despatches Quizzes Lines of Torres Vedras
Battles Winners and Losers Movies
Corsica The Rosetta Stone Glossary
Naval Duels in War of 1812 Caricatures Places of Interest
Cartoons: Johnny Newcombe Convention of Cintra Sources
Marshal Ney's Defence Re-enactor Groups Napoleon on Trial
Congress of Vienna Treaty of Schonbrunn Treaty of Amiens
Concordat With the Pope Treaty of Luneville Alison's Maps
Suggested Tours The Armed Neutrality of the North Duke of Wellington's Quotes
Preview of The Emperor's New Clothes Preview of The Far Side of the World Waterloo Diorama
Causes of death in British Army hospitals 1812-1814 Lists of British officers wounded and killed in the Peninsula
Major Powers
The Nation Leaders Commanders
The Nation Leaders Commanders
The Nation Leaders Commanders
The Nation Leaders Commanders
The Nation Leaders Commanders
1769 to 1792 1793 to 1795 1796 to 1797
1798 to 1799 1800 to 1802 1803 to 1805
1806 to 1808 1809 to 1811 1812 to 1813
1814 to 1815-1840
Marie-Antoinette Louis XVI Maximilien Robespierre
Sir William Sidney Smith Joseph Fouche George, Prince Regent
Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand Lazare Carnot Dominique Larrey
Paul Barras James Gillray Thomas Cochrane
William Pitt
Ratings for Allied generals
Infantry Cavalry Artillery
Infantry Cavalry Artillery
Manpower Daily Pay Rates Duke of Wellington's Quotes
Infantry Cavalry Artillery
Manpower French ranks French Pay Rates
Infantry Cavalry Artillery
Infantry Cavalry Artillery
The Soldiers
Ratings for Allied generals
Karl Mack Josef Alvintzy Michael Melas
Dagobert Wurmser Michael Colli Peter Quasdanovich
Archduke John
William Beresford Sir John Moore Lord Uxbridge
Sir Thomas Picton Prince of Orange Sir Edward Pakenham
Sir Isaac Brock Sir Phineas Riall Tecumseh
Robert Craufurd Sir Thomas Graham Sir Stapleton Cotton
John le Marchant Sir Rowland Hill Sir Harry Burrard
Sir Hew Dalrymple
Ratings for French generals Antoine Charles
Lazare Carnot Jean-Baptiste Kleber Louis Desaix
Charles Dumouriez Jean-Andoche Junot Jean Moreau
Jean Pichegru Adam Custine Eugene Beauharnais
Dominique Vandamme Jean Rapp Charles Leclerc
Gebhard von Blucher Augustus Gneisenau Gerhard von Scharnhorst
Friederich von Bulow Fredrich Kleist Friedrich Hohenloe
Alexander Suvarov Mikhail Kutusov Peter Bagration
Mikhail Barclay de Tolly Mikhail Miloradovich Matvei Platov
Ludwig Wittgenstein Ferdinand Winzingerode
Andrew Jackson William Hull

Henry Dearborn

Charles IV Maria-Louisa

Manuel Godoy

Jose Palafox Francisco Castanos

Don Gregorio de la Cuesta

Don Carlos Gravina
The Naval War
Naval Balance Conditions of the Fleets Officers and Crew
Naval Glossary Fleet Sizes Naval Cannon Ranges
Royal Navy Ship Ratings Royal Navy Pay Mutiny at Spithead
Mutiny at the Nore Camperdown Cape St Vincent
War of 1812: Naval Duels Copenhagen Lake Erie
The Nile Animated Map of Trafalgar Spanish Order of Battle
Trafalgar Flags of Nelson's "England Expects" Signal Royal Navy Order of Battle
English Newspaper Report of Trafalgar French Report of "victory" at Trafalgar French Order of Battle
The Sailors
Horatio Nelson Thomas Cochrane Sir William Sidney Smith
Cuthbert Collingwood Pierre-Charles Villeneuve Oliver Perry
Francois-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers Don Carlos Gravina Richard Howe
Ranges Crews Firing Sequence
Ammunition Nations' Artillery
Austria Britain France
Prussia Russia
Weapons Austria Britain
France Prussia Russia
British Tactics British Light Cavalry Facings British Heavy Cavalry Facings
French Hussar Facings French Cuirassier Facings French Lancer Facings
French Chasseur a Cheval Facings French Dragoon Facings Russian Cavalry Uniforms
Austrian Cuirassiers Facings Austrian Hussars Facings Austrian Dragoons Facings
Austrian Chevauxlegers Facings Prussian Cuirassiers Facings Prussian Dragoons Facings
Prussian Hussars Facings Russian Cuirassiers Facings Russian Hussars Facings
Russian Dragoons Facings French Infantry Distinctions
Infantry Weapons Austria Britain
France Prussia Russia
Loading Procedure Accuracy Figures The Baker Rifle
Uniforms Formations British Regimental Facings
First Coalition Egypt Adventure Second Coalition
Third Coalition Fourth Coalition Fifth Coalition
In the Peninsula Into Russia 1813: Germany
France Invaded The 100 Days The War of 1812
Map of Peninsular Battles Map of 1809 Danube Battles Suggested Tours
Struggle for the West Indies
Campaign Eckmuhl Campaign Wagram
Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars Empires in Arms Campaigns of La Grande Armee: 1805/1809
Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle Napoleon In Russia Prelude To Waterloo
Waterloo Wargamer: Napoleon 1813 Wooden Ships, Iron Men
Austerlitz: Preview Europa Universalis 2 Napoleon's Russian Campaign
Cossacks: European Wars Campaigns of La Grande Armee 1806 Napoleon in Europe
La Marseillaise The British Grenadiers Garryowen
The British Light Infantry Girl I Left Behind Me God Save the King
Hearts of Oak Hot Stuff Men of Harlech
Over the Hills and Far Away The Owl Rule Britannia
When Canons Are Roaring Why Soldier Why? You Mad Caps of England
Johnny's Gone for a Soldier Boney was a Warrior On Board the Victory
The Lincolnshire Poacher The Star-Spangled Banner Dark-Eyed Sailor
The Collier Recruit The Female Drummer The Foggy, Foggy Dew
The Coast of High Barbary The Bonnie Lighthorseman The Ploughboy
Spanish Ladies Botany Bay Bold Nelson's Praise
The Coast of High Barbaree (UK) On Board a 98 Brandy-O
Love Farewell Yankee Doodle Soldier Cut Down in His Prime
Lower-Canada Militia Song Canadian Voltigeurs' Song The Bold Canadian
Lochaber No More The British Bayoneteers
Napoleon on CD - French military marches and songs
Nelson's Navy The Rose of Martinique The Naval History of Great Britain, vol 1, 1793 to 1796
British Napoleonic Artillery 2
Napoleon's Red Lancers Jena 1806
Privateers and Pirates, 1730 to 1830 Austrian Napoleonic Artillery, 1792 to 1815 The Lines of Torres Vedras, 1809 to 1811
The Military Maxims of Napoleon French Soldier in Egypt, 1798-1801 Napoleon's Guns, 1792 to 1815 (1)
Great Generals of the Napoleonic Wars Military Memoirs of Four Brothers Corunna 1809
Armies of 1812 Marengo 1800 British Rifleman 1797-1815
Napoleon's Artillery British Napoleonic Ship of the Line Wellington's Peninsular Army
Napoleon's Commanders 1, 1792-1809 Napoleon's Commanders 2, 1809-1815 Wellington's Peninsular Army
Napoleonic Source Book Campaigns of Napoleon Larrey: Surgeon to Napoleon's Imperial Guard
Military Dress of the Peninsular War : 1808-14 Fields of Fire: Battlefields of the Peninsular War Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington and Featherstone
Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns, 1798-1801 The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy
Napoleon and Wellington British Forces in North America, 1793-1815 Napoleon's Marshals
The United States Army 1812-15 Castiglione 1796 A Desperate Business
The King's German Legion, volumes I & II Josephine: A Life of the Empress The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations
Wellington at War in the Peninsula With Napoleon in Russia: The Illustrated Memoirs of Faber du Faur Marengo: The Myth of Napoleon's Horse
Napoleon's Regiments The Incredible War of 1812 The Napoleon Options
Galloping at Everything British Napoleonic Artillery 1793-1815
Sharpe Series
Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris Sharpe Series on DVD

Sharpe's Rifles

Sharpe's Sword

Sharpe's Eagle

Sharpe's Company

Sharpe's Regiment

Sharpe's Siege

Sharpe's Enemy

Sharpe's Mission

Sharpe's Honour

Sharpe's Gold

Sharpe's Revenge

Sharpe's Battle

Sharpe's Justice

Sharpe's Waterloo

Hornblower Movies
The Even Chance Examination for Lieutenant The Duchess
and the Devil
The Frogs
and the Lobsters
Mutiny Retribution
Loyalty Duty Cast of the series
Photo of Ioan Gruffudd  
Tolentino Reenactors Russian Re-enactors Royal Saxon Army Reenactors
Durham Light Infantry 8 demi-brigade de ligne

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