Major Events 1769-1820


29 April: Birth of Arthur Wellesley.
15 August: Birth of Napoleone Buonaparte.


30 October: Bonaparte enters l'Ecole Militaire in Paris as a cadet.


24 February: Death of Carlo Buonaparte.
1 November: Bonaparte commissioned into French Royal Artillery.


17 June: French Revolution begins with formation of National Assembly.
14 July: Storming of the Bastille.


20 June: Louis XVI flees to Varennes.


3 March: Siege of Seringapatam.
19 March: Capture of Seringapatam.
20 April: French Assembly declares war on King of Bohemia.
26 June: The First Coalition against France formed.
5 September: The September: Massacres in Paris begin, start of the Terror.
20 September: The battle of Valmy.
21 September: Formation of National Convention in Paris.
22 September: Abolition of French monarchy; start of Revolutionary calendar.
6 November: The battle of Jemappes in Holland.


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