Napoleonic Documentaries

The Napoleonic Guide reviews documentaries that are either directly connected to the Napoleonic Wars, or else have military history aspects.

Many are available on DVD, however, we cannot always give you a place to get hold of the programme on video.

Sea Warriors

Napoleon: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Line of Fire: Waterloo
Line of Fire: Trafalgar
Line of Fire: Austerlitz
History of Warfare: The Napoleonic Wars
History of Warfare: Borodino 1812
History of Warfare: Napoleon's Road to Moscow
History of Warfare: Austerlitz 1805
The Great Commanders Volume 1
The Great Commanders Volume 2
The Battleships
Seapower volumes 1-2
Other Military Periods
The Civil War volumes 1-3
The French Indian Wars
Simon Schama's A History of Britain
Ancient Warriors volumes 1-3
Fields of Armour volumes 1-2
Warriors of the French Foreign Legion

Line of Fire: Cambrai 1917

Aircraft Carriers


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