The Leading Soldiers

The Napoleonic Wars produced dozens of generals from all nations. Here are some of the leading commanders.

How France's Generals Rated
How the Allied Generals Rated
How the Marshals Rated


Archduke Charles

Duke of Wellington

Jean Moreau

Archduke John

Thomas Picton

Louis Desaix

Josef Alvintzy

Sir John Moore

Jean Junot

Karl Mack

William Beresford

Antoine Charles Lasalle

and more ...





Gerhard Blucher

Mikhail Kutusov

Andrew Jackson

Augustus Gneisenau

Alexander Suvarov

William Hull

Gerhard Scharnhorst

Peter Bagration

Henry Dearborn

Frederich Bulow

Mikhail Barclay de Tolly

and more ...





Jose Palafox


Francisco Castanos


Don Gregorio de la Cuesta


Joachim Blake


Napoleon Bonaparte
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