Napoleonic Reference Books

To anyone hoping to understand the Napoleonic Era it is vital they read from well-researched, accurate books. While correct information is one thing, being able to enjoy your studies is another. The Napoleonic Guide's writers will give you their opinions of the many books on offer.


Napoleon's Imperial Guard: Organization, Uniforms and Weapons
By Gabriele Esposito

The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1811-1814
By Tim Saunders and Rob Yuill

Napoleon's Waterloo Army: Uniforms and Equipment
by Paul Dawson

On the Road With Wellington
by August Schaumann

The Iron Marshal
by John G Gallagher

The Trafalgar Chronicles (Series 5)
By The 1805 Club

Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars
By Kevin Kiley

Napoleon's Peninsular War
By Paul Dawson

Wellington's Infantry
By Gabriele Esposito

Waterloo Letters
By Major-General HT Siborne

Napoleon's Paris
David Buttery

Wellington's Foot Guards at Waterloo
By Robert Burnham and Ron McGuigan

The Napoleonic Wars as Illustrated by JJ Jenkins
JJ Jenkins

Waterloo Battlefield Guide
David Buttery

Incomparable: Napoleon's 9th Light Regiment
Terry Crowdy

Wellington Against Junot
David Buttery

1809 Thunder on the Danube
John H Gill

The British Army Against Napoleon: Facts, Lists and Trivia 1805-1815
Robert Burnham and Ron McGuigan

The Battle of Borodino : Napoleon Against Kutusov
Alexander Mikaberidze

The Waterloo Archive: German Sources
Edited by Gareth Glover

A Desperate Business
Ian Fletcher

Assaye 1803 : Wellington's First and Bloodiest Victory
Simon Millar, Peter Dennis

Napoleon's Mamelukes
Ronald Pawly, Patrice Courcelle

Nelson's Sailors
Gregory Fremont-Barnes, Steve Noon

Napoleon's Last Grande Armee
Alfred Umhey

Trafalgar 1805, Nelson's Crowning Victory
Gregory Fremont-Barnes, Christa Hook

French Warship Crews 1789 to 1805
Terry Crowdy, Steve Noon

The Battle of Maida: Fifteen Minutes of Glory
Richard Hopton

Defiant and Dismasted at Trafalgar: the Life and Times of Sir William Hargood
Mary McGrigor

The Peninsula Years
D.S. Richards

The Russian Officer Corps of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
Alexander Mikaberidze

Wellington's Army in the Peninsula, 1808-14
Stuart Reid

Rifles: Six Years with Wellington's Legendary Sharpshooters
Mark Urban

Austrian Commanders of the Napoleonic Wars, 1792 to 1815
David Hollins, Christopher Rothero

The Age of Napoleon
Alistair Horne

The Napoleonic Wars: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
Gregory Fremont-Barnes, Todd Fisher

Wellington's Peninsula Regiments (2): The Light Infantry
Mike Chappell

Fuentes de Onoro: Wellington's Liberation of Portugal
Rene Chartrand, Patrice Courcelle

Badajoz, 1812
Ian Fletcher, Bill Younghusband

Napoleon's Road to Glory
J. David Markham

Fortresses of the Peninsular War, 1808 to 1814
Ian Fletcher, Chris Taylor

Wellington's Peninsula Regiments: The Irish
Mike Chappell

Nelson's Navy
Brian Lavery

The Rose of Martinique
Andrea Stuart

The Naval History of Great Britain, vol 1, 1793 to 1796
William James

British Napoleonic Artillery 2, 1793-1815
Chris Henry, Brian Delf

Napoleon's Red Lancers
Ronald Pawly, Patrice Courcelle

Jena 1806
David Chandler

Privateers and Pirates, 1730 to 1830
Angus Konstam, Angus McBride

Austrian Napoleonic Artillery, 1792 to 1815
David Hollins, Brian Delf

The Lines of Torres Vedras, 1809 to 1811
Ian Fletcher, Bill Younghusband

The Military Maxims of Napoleon
Edited by David Chandler

French Soldier in Egypt, 1798-1801
Terry Crowdy, Christa Hook

Napoleon's Guns, 1792 to 1815 (1)
Rene Chartrand, Ray Hutchins

Great Generals of the Napoleonic Wars
Andrew Uffindell

Military Memoirs of Four Brothers
Thomas Fernyhough

Corunna 1809
Philip Haythornthwaite, Christa Hook

Armies of 1812
Digby Smith

Marengo 1800
David Hollins, Christa Hook

British Rifleman 1797-1815
Philip Haythornthwaite, Christa Hook

Napoleon's Artillery
Robert Wilkinson-Latham,
Michael Roffe

British Napoleonic Ship of the Line
Angus Konstam, Tony Bryan

Napoleon's Commanders 1

Philip Haythornthwaite, Patrice Courcelle

Napoleon's Commanders 2

Philip Haythornthwaite, Patrice Courcelle

Wellington's Peninsular Army
James Lawford, Michael Roffe

British Napoleonic Artillery

Chris Henry, Brian Delf

Wellington's Doctors
Dr Martin Howard

Galloping at Everything
Ian Fletcher

Lady de Lancey at Waterloo
David Miller

The Incredible War of 1812
J. Mackay Hitsman, updated by Donald Graves

Napoleon's Regiments
Digby Smith

The Napoleon Options
Edited by Jonathan North

A Desperate Business
Ian Fletcher

Josephine: A Life of the Empress
Carolly Erickson

The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations
Peter Tsouras

The King's German Legion, volumes I & II
Mike Chappell

Wellington at War in the Peninsula
Ian C. Robertson

With Napoleon in Russia: The Illustrated Memoirs of Faber du Faur
Jonathan North

Marengo: The Myth of Napoleon's Horse
Jill Hamilton

Castiglione 1796: Napoleon Repulses Wurmser's First Attack
Bernhard Voykowitsch

Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns, 1798-1801
Michael Barthrop, Gerry Embleton

British Forces in North America, 1793-1815
Rene Chartrand, Gerry Embleton

Napoleon and Wellington
Andrew Roberts

Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy
Phillip Haythornthwaite, Richard Hook

Napoleonic Source Book
Phillip Haythornthwaite

Campaigns of Napoleon
David Chandler

Larrey: Surgeon to Napoleon's Imperial Guard
By Robert Richardson

Military Dress of the Peninsular War : 1808-14
Martin Widrow, Gerry Embleton

Napoleon's Marshals
David Chandler

The United States Army 1812-1815
James Kochan, David Rickman

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