Book Review:
Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns

By Michael Barthorp
Artwork by Gerry Embleton


Napoleon Bonaparte's move on Egypt was an attempt by the young general to not only hurt the British empire - and in particular its hold on India - but also to make sure his name remained in the public eye.

He assembled an experienced army, together with a large scientific expedition, and set about imposing French ways upon Egypt and Syria.

Unfortunately, for Bonaparte, the campaign was not a hugely successful one and while his army won almost all of the battles, he was unable to complete his conquest.

In Osprey's Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns 1798-1801, Michael Barthrop throws readers right into one of the lesser covered areas of the Napoleonic Wars.

Barthorp begins with a three-and-a-half page chronology of the campaign and then details the French, Mameluke, Turkish and British armies' organisation, campaigns and uniforms into a series of clearly set out sections.

His level of detail on both the armies' structure and uniforms is excellent and it is informative without being a hard read.

For quick reference there are two large charts with the regimental facing colours of the Frencha dn british units involved in the campaign.

There are 36 black and white pictures of battles, uniforms, equipment and two small maps. Many of the battle scenes I had not seen before so that is a bonus.

Gerry Embleton's eight colour plates are terrific and the associated uniform details have all the information you'll need to know about how the soldiers were dressed on the expeditions to Egypt.

If you are a miniatures buff, or are particularly interested in the Egypt campaign then Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns 1798-1801 can be highly recommended as a reference work.

- Richard Moore


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