Book Review:
Campaigning With the Duke of Wellington & Featherstone

By Donald Featherstone


This is a terrific book with a wealth of detail on the battles of the Peninsular War.

Donald Featherstone follows the Duke of Wellington's progress from Rolica right through to Toulouse and makes a few sidetrips to Corunna and Albuera.

The major battles are all included and begin with a quote from someone who was involved in, or witnessed, the action.

There follows a detailed history of the clash and Featherstone examines what happened, who was there, the casualties and British battle honours.

He then takes us on a walking guide of the battlefield, making good suggestions for starting points and what to look out for.

Wargamers will be pleased with his advice on how to play the battles on table-top - with some good suggestions for troop-to-figure scales.

Featherstone then plays the game and explains what happened.

If you are interested in the Peninsular War, particularly its wargaming side, then this is a very worthwhile addition to your library.

- Richard Moore






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