Sir John Moore

Jean-Baptiste KleberBritish General

Commissioned at 15, Sir John Moore served in the American War of Independence and within eight years was a member of parliament.

In 1794 he was involved with the British backing of Paoli's conquest of Corsica and then served in West Indies.

Becoming a major general in 1798, Moore then took part in operations in Holland and Egypt, where he was a leading player in defeating the French at the second battle of Aboukir.

Sir John Moore's main contribution, however, to Britain was his training of light infantry and his military changes earned him a lieutenant generalcy.

He became the commander of British troops in Portugal following the removal of Sir Harry Burrard for his signing of the Convention of Cintra and advanced in to Spain to back local forces against the French.

Moving to attack the dispersed French forces he found himself cut off from his supply lines and began a horrific retreat to Corunna.

There he organised a skillful rearguard battle that kept the French from attacking his embarking army but he was mortally wounded during the engagement.

His French counterpart, Marshal Soult, was so impressed by Moore that he ordered a monument erected to his fallen foe as a sign of respect.


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