Major Events 1769-1820


16 January: Battle of Corunna, Sir John Moore killed.
29 March: Marshal Soult captures Oporto, battle of Medellin.
9 April: Creation of Fifth Coalition, Austria attacks Bavaria.
20 April: The battle of Abensberg.
21 April: Storming of Landshut.
22 April: The battle of Eckmuhl.
23 April: The storming of Ratisbon.
26 April: Arthur Wellesley lands at Lisbon.
12 May: Battle of Oporto.
13 May: Bonaparte enters Vienna.
21-22 May: The battle of Aspern-Essling.
14 June: Battle of the Raab.
5-6 July: The battle of Wagram.
12 July: Armistice of Znaim.
28 July: Battle of Talavera.
29 July: British land at Walcheren.
16 August: Battle of Flushing.
19 October: Treaty of Vienna, Peace of Schonbrunn.
19 November: The battle of Ocana.
15 December: Napoleon Bonaparte divorces Josephine.


5 February: Siege of Cadiz begins.
2 April: Bonaparte marries Marie-Louise.
17 April: Marshal Massena takes command in Portugal.
16 June: Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo begins.
9 July: Bonaparte annexes Holland. Fall of Ciudad Rodrigo.
16 August: Start of siege of Almeida.
21 August: Marshal Bernadotte becomes Crown Prince of Sweden.
28 August: Fall of Almeida.
27 September: Battle of Bussaco.
10 October: Massena halted at Lines of Torres Vedras.
18 October: The Fontainebleau Decrees.


26 January: First siege of Badajoz.
5 March: Battle of Barrossa.
Massena retreats from Torres Vedras.
11 March: Fall of Badajoz.
3 April: Battle of Sabugal.
3-5 May: Battle of Fuentes de Onoro.
7 May: Second siege of Badajoz.
12 May: Raising of siege of Badajoz.
16 May: Battle of Albuera.
24 May: Siege of Tarragonna.
Resumption of siege of Badajoz.
19 June: Ceasing of siege of Badajoz.
28 June: Fall of Tarragonna.
25 September: Battle of El Bodon.
28 October: Battle of Arroyo dos Molinos.
19 December: Siege of Tarifa.
31 December: Tsar Alexander limits French trade.


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