Charles Dumouriez

French General

Charles Dumouriez served France's for more than 30 years before the upheavals of the Revolution.

He had field commands in Corsica and acted as an agent on various secret missions around Europe.

In 1792, he became a lieutenant-general and led the Army of the North and earned joint laurels, with Francois Kellerman, for the victory at Valmy.

Dumouriez won the battle of Jemappes and invaded Holland, but was beaten at Neerwinden.

It was at this stage Dumouriez began talks with the Austrians and defected to them in 1793, fleeing just ahead of the clutches, and musketballs, of a young Louis Davout.

Dumouriez eventually ended up in London seven years later and spent a lot of time advising Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington.

When Britain sent troops to Portugal and Spain, Dumouriez helped guerrilla leaders organise their campaigns against France.


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