Marie Antoinette

Marie AntoinetteQueen of France

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One of the most widely known figures of the French Revolution, Marie-Antoinette was an Austrian princess who married the man who later became Louis XVI of France.

Marie-Antoinette not only had a passion for her country of birth, but her adopted country as well, and was keen to strengthen ties between the two.

She was regal, beautiful, graceful and is reported to have had an aura about her that even put the king into pale comparison.

For all her good points, however, she was extravagant and put friends into key positions, although it has been proved she did not utter the "let them eat cake" phrase.

During the early stages of the revolution she remained in contact with Austria, by then at war with France, and was arrested with Louis XVI and their son, the Dauphin.

Courageous and dignified, even after Louis' beheading, and with her son separated from her, Marie-Antoinette went regally to her own death on the guillotine on 16 October 1793.


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