Major Events 1769-1820


11 January: Marshal Murat signs peace with Allies.
29 January: The battle of Brienne.
1 February: The battle of La Rothiere.
10 February: The battle of Champaubert.
11 February: The battle of Montmirail.
14 February: The battle of Vauchamps.
22 February: Treaty of Troyes.
27 February: The battle of Orthez.
9 March: Treaty of Chaumont.
9-10 March: The battle of Laon.
13 March: The battle of Rheims.
17 March: The battle of Fismes.
20 March: The battle of Tarbes.
20-21 March: The battle of Arcis-sur-Aube.
25 March: Battle of La-Fere-Champenoise.
31 March: The Allies enter Paris.
6 April: First abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte at Fontainebleau.
10 April: The battle of Toulouse.
11 April: Treaty of Fontainebleau.
3 May: Louis XVIII enters Paris.
4 May: Bonaparte lands on Elba.
27 May: End of siege of Hamburg.
29 May: Death of Josephine.
30 May: First treaty of Paris.
25 July: The battle of Lundy's Lane.
24 August: The battle of Bladensburg.
1 November: Congress of Vienna opens.
24 December: Treaty of Ghent.


8 January: Battle of New Orleans.
26 February: Bonaparte escapes from Elba.
1 March: Bonaparte lands near Frejus in Southern France.
13 March: Allies brand Bonaparte enemy of humanity.
20 March: Bonaparte reaches Paris.
25 March: Seventh Coalition against France formed.
31 March: Murat, King of Naples, declares war on Austria.
4 April: British reach Brussels.
3 May: Murat beaten at battle of Tolentino.
9 June: Congress of Vienna ends.
16 June: Battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny.
18 June: Battles of Waterloo, Wavre.
22 June: Second abdication of Bonaparte.
28 June: Battle of Le Souffel.
7 July: Allies re-enter Paris.
15 July: Bonaparte boards HMS Bellerophon.
7 August: Bonaparte sails on HMS Northumberland for St Helena.
13 October: Murat executed.
17 October: Bonaparte arrives on St Helena.
20 November: Second Treaty of Paris.
7 December: Execution of Marshal Ney.


5 May: Death of Bonaparte on St Helena.


15 December: Bonaparte's body returned to France and placed in Les Invalides.


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