Major Events 1769-1820


23 January: William Pitt dies.
1 April: Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Naples.
April: Murat becomes Grand Duke of Berg and Cleves.
16 May: Britain begins blockade of French ports.
20 June: Louis Bonaparte becomes King of Holland.
4 July: Battle of Maida.
12 July: Confederation of the Rhine created.
20 July: Franco-Prussian peace treaty signed.
6 August: Holy Roman Empire dissolved.
9 August: Prussia mobilises its army.
24 August: Tsar Alexander snubs peace with France.
6 October: Fourth Coalition against France.
7 October: France invades Saxony.
10 October: Battle of Saalfield.
14 October: Battles of Jena and Auerstadt.
27 October: Napoleon Bonaparte enters Berlin.
7 November: Last Prussian forces surrender to France.
21 November: Continental System of trade restrictions begins.
10 December: Saxony signs peace treaty (Posen) with France.
18 December: Bonaparte enters Warsaw.
26 December: Battles of Golymin and Pultusk.


1 January: Napoleon meets Marie Walewska.
7-8 February: Battle of Eylau.
26 April: Franco-Russian Convention of Bartenstein.
27 May: Fall of Danzig.
10 June: The battle of Heilsberg.
14 June: The battle of Friedland.
5 July: Setback for British at Montevideo.
7-9 July: Peace Treaty of Tilsit.
16 August: British forces land at Copenhagen.
7 September: Britain captures Danish fleet.
13 October: Decree of Fontainebleau.
27 October: Secret treaty with Spain.
23 November: First Milan Decree.
27 November: Regent John of Portugal sails for Brazil.
30 November: General Junot occupies Lisbon.
17 December: Second Milan Decree.


20 February: Murat appointed Napoleon's deputy in Spain.
20 February: French capture Barcelona.
2 May: Revolt of Madrid suppressed.
6 June: Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Spain.
8 June: France captures Cordova.
16 June: First siege of Saragossa.
14 July: The battle of Medina del Rio Seco.
21 July: French force surrenders at Bailen.
25 July: Massacre of Evora.
1-8 August: British under Arthur Wellesley land at Mondego Bay.
14 August: Raising of siege of Saragossa.
16 August: Action of Obidos.
17 August: Battle of Rolica.
21 August: The battle of Vimiero.
30 August: The Convention of Cintra.
27 October: General Sir John Moore leaves Lisbon for Spain.
5 November: Napoleon takes command of Army of Spain.
23 November: Battle of Tudela.
30 November: The battle of Somosierra.
4 December: Napoleon occupies Madrid.
20 December: Second siege of Saragossa.
21 December: Battle of Sahagun.
24 December: Moore begins retreat to Corunna.
26 December: Battle of Benavente.


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