26 December, 1806

Map of Golymin

The tenacity of Russian soldiers was never more obvious than during the battle of Golymin where 18,000 of the Tsar's soldiers escaped from the clutches of 38,000 Frenchmen.

The Russians were being hemmed in around the Polish village by the forces of Marshals Murat, Augereau and Davout. They had the advantage of excellent defensive terrain, but faced some of France's best commanders and their veteran troops.

Leading the Russians was General Andrei Gallitzin, a cavalryman who used his combined forces with great skill and courage.

After putting up a terrific fight, the defenders were eventually forced to withdraw by the huge odds against them and escaped along their last line of retreat.

Both sides lost an estimated 800 men each.

Gallitzin's gallant performance won him the praise of no less a soldier than Napoleon Bonaparte.

*The battle of Pultusk took place on the same day as Golymin.



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