New Book:
The Vein Openers


By Richard Moore

The Vein Openers

The Vein Openers is also available as an eBook through Amazon

It is 1808 and the Napoleonic Wars are raging across Europe.

Take an exciting journey through the early stages of the Peninsular War with Joshua Firth, a young English lieutenant in the 29th regiment of Foot.

Firth and his friend Samuel Brook are about to leave their homes in Yorkshire to join Sir Arthur Wellesley's army in Portugal.

They are eager to be part of the fight against Napoleon Bonaparte's troops and nothing will stop them - not even a Royal Navy press gang.

The pair arrives on the Peninsula before the Worcesters' transport ships and are caught up in an incident that brings them to the attention of Wellesley himself.

But the French are looming and all thoughts turn to their first clash at the battle of Rolica.

Firth and Brook find themselves having very different experiences, but there is little time to recover before another battle at Vimeiro.

And Firth discovers it is not just the French who want to end his career as foes emerge to haunt him. One is a Polish major, the other one of his commanding officers.

Wellesley, however, likes the cut of Firth and sends him on a mission to deliver an important despatch to a Spanish general.

What follows could destroy Britain's war effort ... and end Firth's life.


From the author:

When I began The Vein Openers I wanted to tell a tale of Napoleonic warfare filled with great characters and excitement.

I think I have created it.

It took a lot of research to find the right regiment and the 29th was perfect for the role. They were in the major early clashes on the Peninsula and only returned to Britain after horrendous losses at Albuera.

Reading a huge number of biographies and the diaries of combatants in Portugal and Spain gave me a wealth of background information and incidents that were almost too amazing to be true.

Many of the characters in The Vein Openers are actual people - from Sir Arthur Wellesley down to private soldiers in the Worcesters.

There is plenty of action, some brutality, exciting adventure and even a good helping of romance.

I hope you will give The Vein Openers a chance to step back in time to the Peninsular War and, like others, you will almost certainly find it a page-turner.


- Richard Moore.

The Vein Openers is currently available as an eBook through Amazon



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