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Figueira da Foz

Hotels in Figueira da Foz

Nearby is Mondego Bay, the landing place of the British army in 1808. Santa Catarina, a small stone fort seized from the French by Portuguese students, still exists in Figueira da Foz.

194 km (121 miles) north of Lisbon. 2 hour 23 minute drive.

Torres Vedras

Much of the Lines of Torres Vedras exist in reasonable condition, with some restored to appear as they would have during the Peninsular War. The great redoubt at Torres Vedras is very impressive.


48 km (30 miles) north of Lisbon. 45 minute drive.

Fort Sao Juliao

Point picked by the Duke of Wellington as apossible site of evacuation of the British army should the war go badly.

16 km (10 miles) west of Lisbon. 30 minute drive.


Hotels in Obidos

A small picturesque town that was the scene of the first skirmish between British and French forces in the Iberian Peninsula. A castle dominates the area.


88 km (55 miles) north of Lisbon. 1 hour 11 minute drive.


Hotels in Obidos
Hotels in Coimbra

The first major battle of the Duke of Wellington's career in Portugal occurred at Rolica where the village has pretty much kept its old character.

The terrain is unchanged and following the battle on foot is not difficult.

There is a large tile map of the battle and a monument to Colonel Lake of the 29th Regiment.

80 km (50 miles) north of Lisbon. 1 hour 3 minute drive.

Battle description


A large battlefield, the site of Vimeiro has been developed, however key places remain little changed.

There is a monument on Vimiero Hill that offers terrific views across the area of the struggle that ended the French occupation of Portugal.

55 km (35 miles) north of Lisbon. 1 hour drive.

Battle description


Hotels in Oporto

One of the Duke of Wellington's most stunning military victories as the British army crossed the Douro River under the noses of large French forces and captured the important city.


312 km (195 miles) north of Lisbon. 3 hours 17 minute drive.

Battle description


Hotels in Coimbra

A battle fought on rugged terrain just north of Coimbra, Bussaco is an easy visit for those interested in one of the most one-sided clashes of the Peninsular War.

Many signs of a battle having been fought there still exist and there is a museum and the structure that acted as Massena's headquarters to visit.

208 kilometres (130 miles) north of Lisbon. 2 hour 15 minute drive.

Battle description


Modern progress has not treated Badajoz well and the spread of unimpressive suburbs has surrounded the old town whose walls saw such brutal fighting during the storming of the city.

Most of the city's walls have survived, including the three breaches eventually forced by Wellington's men, as have the three outlying forts of the stronghold.

The main last-stand point known as the "castle" is well preserved and there are nearby areas filled with old narrow streets and the city's convent.

280 km (136 miles) east of Lisbon. 2 hours 41 minutes drive.

Battle description

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