10-11 July, 1809

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1809 Danube Campaign Battles Map

Pursued by the French after the defeat at Wagram, Archduke Charles made a strong rearguard stand at Znaim.

General Marmont took up the cudgels, but his Bavarian troops were driven off by the Austrians.

Worse was to follow as more and more Austrian reinforcements arrived and Marmont found himself facing serious odds up against 40,000 of Charles' troops.

It was only the overnight arrival of Marshal Massena and Napoleon Bonaparte himself, that saved him.

Fighting resumed the next morning and the French succeeded in pinning the Austrians to allow for the killing blows that would come from the fast-arriving corps of Marshals Davout and Oudinot. Casualties on both sides were about 6000 men each.

Seeing his situation, Charles requested a truce and negotiated a four-week armistice with Bonaparte.

The Treaty of Schonbrunn, signed on 14 October, marked the official end of hostilities.


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