The Peninsular War (2)

1807 to 1814

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Unfortunately, for Junot and France, the British were led by Arthur Wellesley, whose military prowess was fostered in India and was therefore unrecognised in Europe.

Wellesley beat General Delaborde at Rolica on 17 August and four days later took on a reinforced Junot at Vimiero.

The battle ended in victory for the maligned "Sepoy General" Wellesley and with the French on their knees, British idiocy took over when two geriatric generals - Sir Harry "Betty" Burrard and Sir Hew "Dowager" Dalrymple - were placed in command of British forces.

The pair negotiated the embarrassing Convention of Cintra with Junot that allowed the trapped Frenchman to withdraw his troops, with all their equipment, on British ships back to France.

Wellesley, Burrard and Dalrymple were all brought before an inquiry and only Wellesley was acquitted of any wrong-doing.

In the meantime, Sir John Moore took over the British army and, in expectation of major support from the Spanish, advanced deep into Spain.

He was badly let down by the Spanish and found himself without support and up against no lesser opponent than Bonaparte himself.

Moore turned his army around and began a horrendous retreat through winter-blasted mountains that tested the British army to its limits. When faced with destruction, however, the exhausted redcoats turned on their attackers and saw them off. They won two clashes at Sahagun, Benavente and Cacobelos.

The city of Corunna was the haven for Moore as the Royal Navy was waiting to evacuate his army.

With Marshal Soult now at his heels, Moore arrived at Corunna and organised a defensive perimeter to hold the French at bay while his men embarked.

Corunna was a victory for Britain, but Moore died during the battle, opening the way for the return of Wellington as commander.



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