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Well, it seems there's a bit of tension in the camp at the De Gooyer house and it is all down to the magnificent Waterloo diorama the guys are building.

Apparently the lads Barry and Jordy are getting more and more determined to work on, but dad Hille is trying to point out that sometimes playing soccer, doing schoolwork at home and attending riding lessons are equally important.

All we can say is - that is not a call we would like to make!

Anyway, the guys have advanced rapidly over the past two weeks, but they still have lots to go on with.

A reminder. Hille, Barry and Jordy are building a diorama of the battle of Waterloo that is 3.5 metres by 2.5 metres and is likely to have 1200 1/72 scale figures complete with buildings and terrain.

According to Hille, Barry will be very busy constructing the south gate of Chateau de Hougoumont and our proud dad says "it's well worth seeing."

"We fetched some cartons, a few internet pics of the Chateau ( including an old painting giving a full view of its original state) and we set off.

"He now is busy finishing two boxes of British infantry (Airfix and Esci) so we can out some defence out of the windows and behind the walls and gate.

"A lot of time is set to give some figures different positions. We also finished four pieces of Dutch artillery and crew ... Prussian cuirassiers, another piece of French line artillery, Prussian infantry and (for the right proportion of French members of infantry, another 100 Le Bleus figures.

" I have made a start with Jordy at the British Rocket Troops and Bavarian artillery. In stock we still have a good amount of boxes containing French, British and allied troops."

The guys have also made huge progress on the scenery and Hille is using blown-up landscape photos to be a backdrop on the right-hand side of the diorama.

"It's a hell of a job to let it be not too prominent - with a sense of scenic taste.

"It's about creating the right atmosphere I guess."

Once again the crew at The Napoleonic Guide raises its collective hat to Hille, Barry and Jordy. What a fantastic way for a family to get together, have fun and bond.

Mind you lads, your dad is right - you should get out there and kick a footy around, do your homework and take your riding lessons.

Then again Hille, let your boys have fun, learn about history and - best of all - spend lots and lots of time with their dad.

We've got more pictures to show you so click here.


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